Hello folks. This is Michael Landrum, your Caddo Lake guide and owner of Big Cypress Tours. Welcome to one of most beautiful bodies of water in the world. Caddo Lake and surrounding wetlands comprise unique environs where magnificent flora and fauna thrive.

Let me take you on a tour of Caddo Lake, home of the world’s largest Bald Cypress forest, a watery wonderland unlike any other in the world. According to a study done in 2003, Caddo Lake flora and fauna includes 189 species of trees and shrubs, 75 grasses, 42 woody vines, 216 kinds of birds, 90 fish and reptiles, and 47 mammals, plus hundreds of alleged Bigfoot sightings.

Forty-four of Caddo’s native species were either endangered, threatened or rare.

Call me at 903-570-3319, to book a tour. I offer sunrise, mid-day, sunset, and nighttime tours (prices). We are working to improve access for persons with disabilities and love to have entire families enjoy the tour together. The experience can influence a young child’s life and become a memory they will never forget. In addition, I have no objection to well behaved pets.

Tours vary according to guests’ interests. Left to my own impulses, I tend to focus on the history and legends of Lake Caddo and the surrounding area but am delighted when passengers indicate interest in wildlife, ecology, native Americans, local/regional attractions, or any subject related to Caddo Lake and Wetlands.

This is an experience you cannot find elsewhere in the world. Comparable environs simply do not exist. Don’t limit your view of Caddo by sticking to the shore.

Be the participant, not the audience.